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After 22 years running 1,208 of our own live events and doing $94 million in sales at them, we're ready help you to avoid expensive mistakes and run sold out, profitable webinars & events.

Our Mission Is To Help Business Owners To Amplify Their Reach Through Profitable Live Events & Webinars for Sustainable Business Growth.

It’s the FASTEST and MOST PREDICTABLE way to grow your business. 

Our Mission Is To Help Business Owners To Amplify Their Reach Through Profitable Events for Sustainable Business Growth.

We help people like you  to grow your business and spread your message through webinars and live events.

It’s the FASTEST and MOST PREDICTABLE way to grow your business.

For 2 decades we have directly represented more than 110 top local and international speakers–generating millions of dollars in revenue through this single platform.

You can build your reputation, trust, credibility and authority quickly.

This method is for speakers, consultants, business owners, entrepreneurs, financial advisors, property speakers, professionals in fact, it will work for any industry.

Shakespeare said “the world is your stage”

Steve Jobs launched Apple by speaking at events. Oprah speaks at live events and online events to packed halls and stadiums, to share her message of empowerment and to continue to build her massive brand. The Music industry has been running events and filling stadiums for years and this is the main source of income for many musicians. Tesla uses the power of events to launch its new model cars and trucks.

We hosted live events for 22 years, to help people and companies to grow and transform their lives.

We love the connection and relationships formed with like-minded people, the new perspectives gained, the priceless education and the breakthroughs achieved.

Now we can help you to run your own events and webinars.

Events are one of the most overlooked and reliable ways to reach hundreds or thousands of people with your message, generating a flow of consistent leads through consistent marketing that’s on auto-pilot, for sustained BUSINESS GROWTH.

We’ve shared our fast event filling system with many top speakers and business owners...

John Dywer

The institute of wow

Marketing Speaker

"My first event was 204 people - I was blown away, I felt like Justin Bieber!

My first 5 events we had about 1,000 people overall. Why? Because Karen & Ken knew what they were doing. They showed me how to send out to a list, how to promote the event, how to put on the event and how to sell at the event.

In a short period, of about 6 months, I was able really hone my skills in terms of events putting them on and making money from them... Thank you, Ken and Karen."

"From working closely with Karen as a speaker over the last 18 years, I have witnessed first hand her passion and focus grow hundreds of people attending her events into thousands of people, regularly attracting 5,000 people at events in some countries.

Karen creates raving fans, and an exceptionally loyal following of people. This is an exceptionally rare and exciting opportunity to learn from such an experienced and esteemed professional in this field."

Michelle Duval


We’ve used live events and digital events to make an impact, scale our business and change lives for 22 years now. We’ve invested several hundreds of thousands in trial, error and optimisation so you won’t have to reinvent the wheel.

We would love to help YOU grow your business, gain instant credibility and authority for success.

How Can We HELP YOU?

Every situation is unique, so we will explore with you how to enhance your presentation to improve impact and conversions.

You may want to build marketing alliances, find stages to speak on, run your own events, position your products and events for success, create irresistible offers, develop pricing models, scale your business for sustainable growth, develop a referral program and have your audience excited to buy from you.

If technology and systems is not your thing, we’ve got you covered. We can set up your infrastructure and automate your business for scale, ease and growth.

If you prefer virtual events, such as Facebook lives and webinars we can help you with that too.  If there is something  you request that’s not our specialty then we will refer you to our trusted partners.

Want to launch your own event or webinar? Is this YOU?

You want to POSITION your message to cut through and grow your business by adding webinars or live events to your business?

You want to help with the vital keys to CREATING A TALK that’s compelling, engaging and converts?

You already run webinars or live events and want to SCALE these to increase your revenue?

Here's How You Can WORK WITH US

Done FOR You

Your Path To Filling Events and Webinars Reliably, to Amplify Your Reach and Grow Your Revenues.

Your presentation is a vital key to your webinar, podcast or event success. We will work with you to build and enhance your presentation so it impacts and converts every time. We have highly effective, tested templates to help you design your presentation so it creates a lasting impact.

We plan and execute your marketing to make it easy for you.

Done WITH You Mentoring

If you have a team who can execute your marketing we can assist you with the overall strategy and systems for a high ROI on your marketing budget.

Done With Our


“The very first program I went into was a new one Karen and Ken were introducing. It must have only had about 30 or 40 people in the room.

Within 2 or 3 years they built that program into 2,000 or 3,000 people at each event.

I saw some amazing growth! I’ve seen Ken and Karen drive their company in a pretty special way, with integrity and a real passion to deliver the absolute best educational programs you can find anywhere in the world.

A big thank you! You've provided so much and changed my life in so many fantastic ways."

Phil Anderson


Ian Ugarte

Small is the new big

Property Investment Educator

"Six months ago we started with nothing. Now we've got a business that is increasing in revenues, increasing in size, and more important, we've got a blueprint to follow.

We've had assistance from Karen and Ken in setting up all the databases, the websites, the email marketing tools, the webinars and the automation of everything. They also assisted us with our live preview events.

In the last six months we've had a tenfold increase in our database and with two national tours, we've managed to get 1,100 people sitting in front of me."

This System is the Single Most Streamlined, Repeatable Way to Generate New Business – Giving You Sustained Growth and an Endless Stream of Clients.

How YOU Can Benefit

Develop clarity of your product offering, increase your sales and build a strong foundation of marketing structures and automated processes. An increased flow of clients, an active and engaged database of clients, ideas for product development for online distribution and to scale. This frees up your time to leverage and do more with less and scale your business to play a bigger game.

Who is the Marketing and Event Filler service for?

Busy Business Owners Who Can't Step Away From Your Business. You Want to Leverage Your Time and Scale Your Business.

Speakers or Business Owners Who Want Their Webinar, Event and Client Attraction Marketing Done WITH/FOR Them.

Business Owners Who Want to Quickly and Easily Systemise Their Business, So It Runs Like Clockwork.

Speakers and Business Owners Who Want to Hone Their Talk for the Stage / Webinars to a Small Audience or a Larger Audience and Inspire Them to Take Action.