Three Things To NEVER Do When Filling And Running An Event or Seminar!

There’s a lot going on and loads of responsibility, so how do you avoid the common mistakes event-organisers so often make?

Several mentoring clients let me in on their top-learning experiences.


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    Never expect friends and family to refer people.
    Often, clients have relied on friends and family to assist them in filling their events. Friends and family are well-intentioned, of course, and yet, your best bet is to develop a well-structured referral programme where you offer both training and incentives.
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    Do it yourself!
    Let me guess – you thought you could be the speaker as well as the at-event organiser without the support of a team? Support with organisation, in the lead-up to an event, allows you to focus on what you do best. Consider this, support at the back of the room during the event will give you space to concentrate on adding value to your audience, without being distracted or thinking about logistics, such as AV and handouts.

    If your budget is limited when it comes to at-event support, this is one area you actually can ask friends and family to help out with. You could also take on low-cost assistance in the form of university- or event-management students. Ensure you invest a few hours in training them to ensure the smooth running of the event. Develop an event role-description checklist, ideally written in point form, highlighting the key points for each role, and communicate these to your event team in advance.
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    Understand marketing.
    In today's busy marketplace, it is vital that you have a thorough knowledge of marketing and how to attract the ideal clients to your event. Invest in your own education in marketing and, if your budget permits, outsource your marketing to an excellent marketing professional. Caution: it's still critical to understand the basics yourself.

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